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My Sweet Elf- Etoix- FFXIV
My sweet boy from Balmung, poor baby hasn't been played in a while, I've been so busy...
Ledani Token Portrait (DnD)
Name: Ledani ("Dani")
Age: 21
Race: Tiefling
Background: Far Traveler (Slightly modified to fit this campaign)
Alignment: Chaotic Good: I follow my conscience regardless of others' expectations. Freedom and compassion matter more than rules.
Height/Size: 5'4" (Medium/Small, depending how you look at it...)
Weight: 143
Appearance: Dark purple hair, red eyes, Slightly tattered, colourful robes of blue and grey, with small accents of purple, similar to that of a performer, with light armor pieces along the stomach and arms. Robe extends to her ankles, with a light chiffon hood falling just behind her horns, long draping sleeves. Not easy to fight in, but good for performing.
Horns are a dark blue, with light yellow/ gold accents where the horns meet on her head.
Wears her trinket on her neck, with an old, frayed leather necklace holding it by the loop.
Her staff is wrapped carefully with the same colors as her robe, and she hides a dagger in her boots, just in case
Allies/Organization (past): performers troupe, travelling wherever the wind took them, and always returning to the forest of their basecamp. Kicked out after an attack for using magic against the assailents. Due to the nature of the people living in the troupe, magic was forbidden.
Other than this, Ledani works mostly alone, taking her exile as a chance to explore, without the rules of her troupe.
Backstory: Orphaned and picked up by a performance troupe at an early age, taught to play the Lute and bound by the rule of not performing magic on troupe grounds, she was taught the basics of magic by an older human Warlock with a kind heart. After an attack, she was exiled for breaking the no-magic rule in the protection of the troupe master's son. After her exile, she travelled around to different small villages, exploring diffrerent cultures, races and music. She employs her skills magically rarely, but often plays music in various taverns.
Belongings/Treasures: Troupe mementos: Trinket with a jade bell, worn, crude maps drawn by the leader's son and given to her upon her exile. A well-used lute, her favourite instrument. A book of Elvish sayings, given to her by a young drow flute player when she entered the troupe.
Traits (mostly just from background default): I begin or end my day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around me. I overreact often, to the smallest of things.

Ideals: Adventure. I'm far from my group, and everything is strange and wonderful, I may have been exiled from my people, but at least I have found more to explore. She cares not for laws of the areas she travels to, whether due to misunderstanding, or blissful ignorance.

Bonds: I'm fascinated by the beauty and wonder of this new land, it is like nothing I've seen before. (She has little bond to people or home)

Flaws: I have a weakness for the exotic beauty of the people and music of these lands, it easily draws me in....She also gets drunk easily. She's a mess. While she is attracted to the beauty of people, she carries no romantic interests. 
Background: Far Traveler- Exile

All Eyes On You: Your accent, mannerisms, figures of speech, and perhaps even your appearance all mark you as foreign. Your past may be painful for you, but it is good to see people being truly interested in foreign culture... -Her party members mispronounce her name a lot.-

Language: In your lands, many diverse races live alongside you, most common being elven beings.  (Elvish Language Proficiency)

Tools and proficiencies: Musical instrument proficiency (Lute) Gaming (Dice)
Class: Warlock
Patron: Archfey
(Diety has not yet been decided)
Pact Magic (cast as 1st level spells)

Fey Presence (charms or fear)

Cantrips Known: Eldritch Blast

Pact of the Tome: Your patron gives you a grimoire called a Book of Shadows.
Agonizing Blast:
Prerequisite: Eldritch Blast cantrip
When you cast Eldritch Blast, add your Charisma modifier to the damage it deals on a hit.

Eyes of the Rune Keeper:
You can read all writing.

Beguiling Influence:
You gain proficiency in the Deception and Persuasion skills.

Everything else is pretty basic tiefling or warlock stuff, race abilities, etc. 
As I said on Ramses Bio page, you can catch this campaign on twitch, VaellieTheAngel, Sundays from 10 am ish to 6 pm ish MST, our times shift a bit due to the nature of all of our lives (being, hectic...) but I do say if there is a delay, or a cancellation, on my discord (check the twitch... lol) 
Owl Familiar (Ramses) DnD
My lovely familiar to Ledani~
Basic info:
Name: Ramses
Age: ~Summoned spirit, age unclear~
Gender: Male
Description: A barn owl with yellow and orange primary colored feathers, with tips and hints of blue and grey. Smart, but impatient, he nips at party member's shoulders when they're falling behind or acting out of turn.
If you so wish to catch our campaign, you can pop on over to the twitch channel VaellieTheAngel every sunday from 10 am-ish to 6 pm-ish MST (our times shift quite a bit, many of us work or go to school during the day). I post any cancellations in my discord, which can be found on my twitch channel, as well.
Shiny Ninetails Commission
Hiya ya'll! sorry I'm not being active, heres a finished Gijinka for an IRL friend!


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